Champagne - France

When we looked to revise the concept of Maude from a monthly menu featuring a hero ingredient to a quarterly degustation taking inspiration from the world’s great wine regions, it was inevitable that Maude would find herself in Champagne. The restaurant celebrated our fifth anniversary earlier this year and we honor the occasion with a seasonal summer menu that pulls out all the stops.

Maude Champagne France

Located approximately 100 miles outside of Paris in the northeastern part of France, the region shares its name with the sparking white wine bearing its name. From the Latin campania, the name is synonymous with the rolling hills of the province and the Italian city of Campania, located south of Rome.

Maude Champagne France

The earliest versions of the pale, pink wine made with Pinot Noir, produced to rival their Burgundian neighbors, was championed by monarchs and the nobility but was preferred without bubbles, which were a byproduct of the colder temperatures and fermentation process.

Dom Perignon, the Benedictine monk who is synonymous with champagne, was still working to alleviate bubbles from bottles as late as the seventeenth century.It was the British who preferred and popularized the distinctive sparkle in the wine, and modern champagne houses overcame the obstacles of making wine bottles that could withstand the pressure, and who started to deliberately create bubbles which had become en vogue.