Tuscany Italy

The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany and its villages rolling up hilly greenery like credits on a movie screen, is perhaps our quintessential image of Italy.

Maude Tuscany Italy

An epicenter of art, literature, music, and cuisine, the Etruscan civilization grew between the areas of the Arno and Tiber. It was the Romans who established Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena, introducing aqueducts and sewers, and improving existing roads.

Maude Tuscany Italy

The Great Plague decimated nearly seventy percent of the Tuscan population during the 14th century but the rebirth of the area propelled by monarchial families such as the Medici, solidified Tuscany’s cultural significance.

Executive Chef Chris Flint, Wine Director Andrey Tolmachyov, and Pastry Chef Yesenia Cruz made Siena their hub for a week of immersive research, through the vines of Sangiovese, among the local Chianina white cows, poring over bowls of ribollita and cones of gelato, to bring back the tastes, flavors, and experience that is Tuscany.

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